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H&L Business Group AB, is a multipurpose Swedish based business company. Through our subsidiaries we provide a range of services, such as software and web development, organise travel tours and international trading and facilitate all arrangements for international students who want to study in Northern Europe.


H&L Business Group

H&L Business Group AB is a business development company, launched as a joint venture between Henrik Siemsen and Lokesh Dhakal.

Mr Siemsen specialises in marketing, leadership and setting a path for potential business growth. He has several businesses on his account, providing jobs for many people around the world.

Mr Dhakal has been running multiple startups. His expertise is in finding potential business possibilities, performing market research, building networks and implementing ideas.

The aim of Mr Siemsen and Mr Dhakal in forming H&L Business Group is to help streamline businesses aiding them to operate concurrently.



  • Västra Skrävlingevägen 7
  • 212 31 Malmö, Sweden
  • 040-6434866, +46733804444